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New Man

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In 1967, two young French people dazzled by the American dream cross the Atlantic. In California, it's a revelation. They discover: freedom, infinite horizons, cultural effervescence, audacity of the new continent. As soon as they return to France, they work on a project that is close to their heart: to translate their ideal of freedom through clothes that resemble them. Exit the gray regulations and narrow cuts, new materials such as velvet milleries, and thanks to a wide range of colors, they invent the casual chic to the French. Admirers of Paul Newman, a young emerging actor in Hollywood, they give their name to their brand newly created, NEW MAN symbol of a modern, elegant and impertinent man. Raymond Loewy, a world-renowned Franco-American designer with the Lucky-Strike package and the Coca Cola bottle, created the famous "ambigram" logo for NEW MAN and finally installed it in the legend. Beyond the fashion, NEW MAN distills a philosophy, an art of living:  "Well in his life, well in his time".

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